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Professional Produce Amino Acid Potassium Organic Fertilizer

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Compound Fertilizer NPK is composed of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, with or without trace element, it is granular form which is easy for application, transportation and storage. As a fast-acting fertilizer, it is widely used for rice, wheat, maize, rape, pea, groundnut, vegetables, melon, fruit, tobacco, potato, etc.


(1) Promote effective utilization of fertilizers in soil. It also can promote the absorption of N, P, K and trace element in plants.
(2) Improve soil structure, improve water storage capacity, anti-hard-water ability and air permeability of soil, increase the amount of organic matters in soil.
(3) Stimulate activities of soil microorganism, reduce pollutants in the soil, adjust the PH value of soil and decrease the damages caused by acid or alkaline.

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